The latest UN report on climate change warns that the entire worldwide community will have to make significant changes in the way that we live and use scarce resources, if we are to avoid the catastrophic consequences to our environment, of global warming.



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Causes of Global Warming

Global warming, results from our use of fossil fuels, including petroleum, gas and oil in our cars, factories and in electricity production.  Methane emissions from landfill also contribute to greenhouse gasses that cause global warming.

How Methane causes Global Warming

Gases, like methane build up in the atmosphere and form a ‘barrier’ or greenhouse effect, as heat radiation from the sun becomes trapped, instead of being released back into space.

As a consequence, the planet becomes overheated, creating the effect that has come to be known as global warming.

By Reducing Landfill, we Reduce Global Warming

Recycling greatly reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfill, thereby cutting down significantly on production of methane, a greenhouse gas.

Here at A Plus Skip Hire, we are fully committed to recycling, as part of our waste management programme and are proud to have recycled 93% of all waste coming into our facility in 2015.  Our aim is to increase that figure even further, in the coming years.